Benefits in Using a Weekly Timesheet

Weekly Timesheet

Utilizing a timesheet for all the employees that are working in a company is a common thing done by the HR department. It is to make it easier for them to calculate and count their salary at the end of the month. They can also sync it with their timesheet and also the finance department. The timesheet itself can be used as a tool to record the time of work (check-in and check-out) of the employees. It is usually done in a form or sheet (manually), but these days, with many people working from home it can be done online too. Most are done digitally nowadays to make it easier for employees to log their time, and for the HR or finance department to keep track.

A weekly timesheet is usually a summarize and log of all the employees for the whole week. You will be able to see their log and track from Monday to Friday. For contractors that are only working on some projects for a few weeks, this can be the perfect tool to log their activities while they are working. Other than that, the timesheet can also log their overtime when they are doing the project. With the overtime, you will be able to calculate additional wage/salary that needs to be paid to them too. With the ability to track and log the time of each employee, these timesheets are usually used by the management to keep track of the performance of their employees.

There is much information in a timesheet that can be customized depending on the needs of each company. However, most will always have the employee’s name, ID, date, time (clock in and out), annual leave days, sick leave days, hourly rate, etc. Some companies are already using a more simplified version of the timesheet, such as utilizing HR applications or software to help them track their employees. This can be done to make their end of month calculation for the salary and wages faster. One of the many benefits of using a weekly timesheet is to calculate how much budget that the company needs to spend in a week. They can also compare the real budget that they have to put out compared to the estimated budget that they have planned.

Tracking the work time of each employee can make it beneficial for the company, especially when they are utilizing the weekly timesheet. They can reduce their expenses by making the process of their finance system more efficient and automate the system itself too. In project management, a timesheet can also be used to build up some knowledge about the effort needed to develop tasks. The management will be able to check from their timesheets of the most productive employee, how to find automatic patterns in their work activities, and also project. After that, they will be able to use the information to plan better projects in the future without spending too many expenses out of the budget that they have planned too.

How to Use a Daily Timesheet ?

When working in a company or business, you will most likely be given a timesheet to track and log your check-in and check-out time. This is to ensure that you are working the hours that you were told to do. Other than that, you will also be able to log other activities on the timesheet, for example, some days when you are going to take your annual leave, sick days, overtime, etc. Managing your timesheet properly especially the daily one can be beneficial for you, to make sure you get paid correctly at the end of the month. The timesheet can be used as a comparison between your log track and the timesheet that the company has in the HR department.

For companies with different deadlines and projects, this type of timesheet can also be used to manage the budget and timeline properly for all their employees. This is usually done so that they don’t go over-budget or overtime for too long which could result in the company losing more money. There are many different ways in how you can use this type of timesheet. You can easily use a template that is already available on Microsoft Excel or you can search for some free programs online that can be downloaded. Once you have found the right template for you to use, you can easily download and edit them to suit the needs of the company or the business.

With the different types of business, usually, they will choose for the type of timesheet that is appropriate with them as well, such as the hourly or daily timesheet. For the daily one, usually, it is mostly used in a smaller type of company or contractor. This is to log all the workers that are doing the project for that day (maybe for a few days). Since not all employees have the same hourly rate, making sure that their daily activities are logged in the timesheet, it will make their employers easier to track down their hours and days of their work for the project. Contractors usually hire workers that might have to do overtime, this can be logged into the timesheet as well. At the end of the month, their overtime can be counted as a bonus payment on top of their normal salary.

Usually, a daily timesheet will include all necessary information within one page. They will have information such as the company name, contractor’s name, employee name, employee ID, time of their check-in and out, date, time, etc. Some companies might add other information such as hourly rate, annual leave days, sick leave days, and many more. These days, many of these timesheets are already done automatically online to make it easier for them to calculate their employee’s wages. However, some are still relying on the manual timesheet that they have to write down each day. With the pandemic situation everywhere these days though, most companies prefer to have their timesheet done online especially when their employees have to work from home. You can choose the appropriate type of timesheet for your company depending on your daily needs and preferences.

How to Choose the Best Timesheet Template for Business

timesheet template

There are different kinds of templates that you could choose from if you are looking to create a timesheet to monitor your employees in the company. Whether you are planning to monitor your employees as a whole or one by one, utilizing a timesheet can be a good method for your Human Resource department. It can be used as a good measure to determine the success of a company, or if you think that some employees are not maximizing their time properly while they are in the office.

The use of a timesheet can also be utilized as a tool to increase employee’s work efficiency as well. Many templates can help you with this purpose, usually depending on what the management wants. There are also a few software available that can be used to help in monitoring your employees and with most, you can download their form as a template to be used for the timesheet itself too. You will be able to download them as a report and see the analytic of each employee, etc. By using a timesheet, you will be able to monitor your employees with their daily activities, for example, the time of their check-in and out of the office, etc.

Other than the normal daily routines, you will also be able to add some additional information in the timesheet, such as meeting time, overtime, salary, bonuses, and many more. With this system, you will be able to calculate their salary easier along with the addition of their bonus and overtime pay. Other than that, you will also be able to see their leave, such as sick leave, annual leave, or unpaid leave. This will also make it easier to see how many hours or days your employees were not in the office that month. These days, many companies choose to use automatic timesheet where they can be integrated with the manual timesheet that they used to have to make it easier on their HR admin to calculate and analyze everything each month.

Some of the already automated timesheets have their templates and most programs can be accessed online already through different platforms. Some even can be accessed through their mobile phone already too. If you are only looking for normal templates, you can even download them online and use them for your business. With various types and designs, you can choose for the one that fits your business best.

These days, with many people Working From Home (WFH), the use of an online timesheet will greatly help the Human Resource Department of a company. They will just have to make sure everyone logs their check-in and out time in the morning and afternoon when they finish their work. That way, they can easily see all employee’s records in the timesheet even if they are not working from the office. Some companies are even using online attendance already for this purpose instead of using a manual timesheet, due to the easiness of tracking records of absence and to do their payroll monthly. For more details, go to timehseet template.

How to Use an Editable Hourly Timesheet Template

hourly timesheet

With the many different types of timesheet available for you to use, you can choose for the one that is suited best for your company or business. Some might need a monthly or weekly timesheet, while others might need a more detailed version such as the daily or hourly timesheet for their employees. The daily or hourly one will have more details for each employee especially if it is going to be used for a daily worker’s payroll. You will be able to easily calculate the total of hours that they work and then do their salary based on the hours that they work in the office or store that way.

In an hourly timesheet, you will be able to see details such as the employee’s name, ID number, department, date, month, year, with some optional details such as the supervisor’s name, hourly rate, overtime rate, etc. The employee must log and track their record depending on their regular hours, bonus working hours along with their vacation days, sick leave (paid or unpaid), and many more. This will be able to help their HR to determine their total working hours and then proceed to the Finance Department to finalize their pay. Usually, at the bottom of the timesheet, you will also see the employee’s signature and their supervisor’s signature to complete and acknowledge the form.

For companies that have many of their employees work off-site from the office, an hourly timesheet can be best fitted for them to track, manage, and log their work hours. If you are interested in using this type of template, you will be able to find it in different types of formats, such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Some programs provide different kinds of templates for you to download and edit. Some might require you to pay before you can download the template, and some other sites provide the template for you to download for free. You just have to choose the one that suits you best.

By using an hourly timesheet, keeping track of each employee can be made easier especially if you are in the line of business where your employees do not have a daily shift. For example, some only go into the store for Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and others go in on Tuesday and Thursday. This type of timesheet can be very suitable for workers or employees with a specific kind of working shift. This way, the management will be able to fully track their working hours and properly do their payrolls for their salaries.

Many templates also already come with an automated calculation for the total working hours (provided their hourly rate was given on the sheet). This can also make it easier for the HR admin and finance department in doing their job faster. Before submitting your timesheet to the HR department, you should make sure that all the details and logs are done properly and you will also have to sign it at the bottom of the sheet too. This is to ensure your acknowledgment for your timesheet to be reviewed by the management, HR department, and finance team before they distribute your salary for that month.