How to Choose the Best Timesheet Template for Business

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There are different kinds of templates that you could choose from if you are looking to create a timesheet to monitor your employees in the company. Whether you are planning to monitor your employees as a whole or one by one, utilizing a timesheet can be a good method for your Human Resource department. It can be used as a good measure to determine the success of a company, or if you think that some employees are not maximizing their time properly while they are in the office.

The use of a timesheet can also be utilized as a tool to increase employee’s work efficiency as well. Many templates can help you with this purpose, usually depending on what the management wants. There are also a few software available that can be used to help in monitoring your employees and with most, you can download their form as a template to be used for the timesheet itself too. You will be able to download them as a report and see the analytic of each employee, etc. By using a timesheet, you will be able to monitor your employees with their daily activities, for example, the time of their check-in and out of the office, etc.

timesheet template

sample of timesheet template

Other than the normal daily routines, you will also be able to add some additional information in the timesheet, such as meeting time, overtime, salary, bonuses, and many more. With this system, you will be able to calculate their salary easier along with the addition of their bonus and overtime pay. Other than that, you will also be able to see their leave, such as sick leave, annual leave, or unpaid leave. This will also make it easier to see how many hours or days your employees were not in the office that month. These days, many companies choose to use automatic timesheet where they can be integrated with the manual timesheet that they used to have to make it easier on their HR admin to calculate and analyze everything each month.

Some of the already automated timesheets have their templates and most programs can be accessed online already through different platforms. Some even can be accessed through their mobile phone already too. If you are only looking for normal templates, you can even download them online and use them for your business. With various types and designs, you can choose for the one that fits your business best.

These days, with many people Working From Home (WFH), the use of an online timesheet will greatly help the Human Resource Department of a company. They will just have to make sure everyone logs their check-in and out time in the morning and afternoon when they finish their work. That way, they can easily see all employee’s records in the timesheet even if they are not working from the office. Some companies are even using online attendance already for this purpose instead of using a manual timesheet, due to the easiness of tracking records of absence and to do their payroll monthly. For more details, go to timehseet template.