Services Provided by Megan Pope, graduate of University of Alberta's Nutrition and Food Science.


Initial Nutrition Assessment

60 minutes, $60

  • Individual one-on-one sessions to discuss health history and future health goals.


45 minutes, $50

  • Identify successes and challenges
  • Work to rebuild or build onto existing wellness plan.

Meal Planning

90 minutes, $80

  • Work together to develop a 7-day meal plan which will consider health needs, ingredient preferences, and lifestyle.

Grocery Store Shop

45 minutes, $60

  • Go through each aisle and decipher healthy choices and which items to choose less often
  • Education on nutrition labels
  • Education on items of choosing and how to incorporate new or existing healthy ingredients into meals
  • Create effective strategies for future grocery shopping


1.      Initial Assessment + 2 Follow-Ups

2.      Initial Assessment + Meal Plan

3.      Initial Assessment + 2 Follow-Ups + Meal Plan