How to Use an Editable Hourly Timesheet Template

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With the many different types of timesheet available for you to use, you can choose for the one that is suited best for your company or business. Some might need a monthly or weekly timesheet, while others might need a more detailed version such as the daily or hourly timesheet for their employees. The daily or hourly one will have more details for each employee especially if it is going to be used for a daily worker’s payroll. You will be able to easily calculate the total of hours that they work and then do their salary based on the hours that they work in the office or store that way.

In an hourly timesheet, you will be able to see details such as the employee’s name, ID number, department, date, month, year, with some optional details such as the supervisor’s name, hourly rate, overtime rate, etc. The employee must log and track their record depending on their regular hours, bonus working hours along with their vacation days, sick leave (paid or unpaid), and many more. This will be able to help their HR to determine their total working hours and then proceed to the Finance Department to finalize their pay. Usually, at the bottom of the timesheet, you will also see the employee’s signature and their supervisor’s signature to complete and acknowledge the form.

For companies that have many of their employees work off-site from the office, an hourly timesheet can be best fitted for them to track, manage, and log their work hours. If you are interested in using this type of template, you will be able to find it in different types of formats, such as Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. Some programs provide different kinds of templates for you to download and edit. Some might require you to pay before you can download the template, and some other sites provide the template for you to download for free. You just have to choose the one that suits you best.

hourly timesheet

sample of hourly timesheet

By using an hourly timesheet, keeping track of each employee can be made easier especially if you are in the line of business where your employees do not have a daily shift. For example, some only go into the store for Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and others go in on Tuesday and Thursday. This type of timesheet can be very suitable for workers or employees with a specific kind of working shift. This way, the management will be able to fully track their working hours and properly do their payrolls for their salaries.

Many templates also already come with an automated calculation for the total working hours (provided their hourly rate was given on the sheet). This can also make it easier for the HR admin and finance department in doing their job faster. Before submitting your timesheet to the HR department, you should make sure that all the details and logs are done properly and you will also have to sign it at the bottom of the sheet too. This is to ensure your acknowledgment for your timesheet to be reviewed by the management, HR department, and finance team before they distribute your salary for that month.